Supporting Our Ministry Partners

KCBC is "Strong In The Word" because of the ministries and programs you hear on the air. These programs rely solely on listeners, like you, to stay on the air. Without direct support from listeners our ministry partners would not be able to continue their broadcasts on KCBC! So Please Support Them!

Many programmers offer learning materials when you support them and most are  non-profit organizations so your contributions may be tax deductible. ***

Below are direct links to the support or contact pages of the ministries you hear on KCBC. Simply click on their name and you will be guided to their websites. You can contribute there or find information to contact them directly. If you need assistance in contacting a Ministry call KCBC at 1-800-593-5222.**

If a ministry touches you, show them your support and remember that every little bit counts. Please remember it is important to mention you listen to them on KCBC! God Bless You for your support.

A Woman's Special Touch - Norma Bonds
Growing Thru God's Word - David Seifert
Knowing The Word - Connie Pack
Enjoying Everyday Life - Joyce Meyer
Real Radio - Jack Hibbs
Focus on The Family
Leading The Way - Michael Youssef
Living on The Edge - Chip Ingram
Turning Point - David Jeremiah
In Touch - Charles Stanley
Discover the Word
Hope For The Heart/Hope In The Night - June Hunt
Thru The Bible - J Vernon McGee
World Watch Today - Steven LeBlanc
The Bible Radio Class - Jerry Musgrove
Southwest Radio Church - Noah Hutchings
Concepts of Faith - Charles Capps
Grace and Sanity - Pauline Holmes
The Road To Reality - K P Yohannan
The Lutheran Hour
Power & The Glory - George Merritt
Herb Henry Family & Friends
Fresh Start - Gerald Harris
Designed For Joy - Marc Mafucci

**KCBC does not, nor can we accept direct donations from the public, you should contact a Ministry directly to offer your support.

***Some programmers are not non-profit organizations, check their websites for details or contact them directly. Not all donations are tax deductible. KCBC is not responsible for confirming the tax deductibility of any donations to a Ministry. KCBC, Crawford Broadcasting Company, Defending The Truth and The Bottom Line do not accept donations from the public.

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