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America, the Once Free & Once Brave

June 24, 2024



Thomas Paine, Public Domain

In Revolutionary times, Thomas Paine said the following:

“These are the times that try men’s souls”.

“Thomas Jefferson” by Mather Brown, 1786

And indeed these are the times that try women’s souls, some at least now that the United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

Thomas Jefferson admonished Americans of his time that the blood of patriots must be shed from time to time in order to refresh the Tree of Liberty. In short, the Constitutional America of 1776 (Declaration of Independence) and the Constitutional America of 1787 needed new patriots, new passion, new commitments to liberty and freedom. Now more than ever that is true. The constitutional, rule of law, freedom– liberty America of old is not only under attack but becomes divided, angry and more violent by the day. Freedom and liberty we have always taken for granted are now all the more at risk and at stake.

The patriot Patrick Henry provided a testimony applicable to all of us:

“Give me liberty or give me death”.

Henry was willing to die for freedom. He would live under no form of bondage. Oppression and bondage in his time was English. Today it comes internally from anarchists, that small virulent, violent minority which wishes the destruction of the greatest country on earth.

Our forefathers fought for freedom. They gave their blood then which we can assume made Jefferson proud. They gave us the greatest ruling document in the history of mankind, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. That incredible document contained the First Amendment which gave every American citizen the following rights and freedoms:

1. Freedom of religion
2. Freedom of speech
3. Freedom of press
4. Freedom of assembly
5. Freedom of petition

Guaranteed, unconditional, unchanging, FOREVER FREEDOMS. Every one of those sacred, inalienable (God–given) rights and freedoms are at risk today, EVERY ONE! We the People seemed to have lost our vision, our understanding, even in some cases our desire to protect and preserve this incredible country. We have become indifferent to the struggles and problems we face. So many of us are ignorant of our history, and our Constitution, and our rule of law, and how we are governed. So many of us have withdrawn from the political process. As few as 10% will vote in some elections and perhaps no more than 60% of eligible, voting Americans will go to the polls in the most serious of elections. It has become tragic how We the People take democracy for granted. It is as though freedom will always be there no matter what we do. We the People are an easy target for violence and anarchism.

One of the most anti–American Americans was one Saul Alinsky. In essence, Alinsky championed the destruction of everything, every institution, every tradition, anything and everything in America so that the country could be rebuilt and reestablished. The philosophy and beliefs of Alinksy were adopted by George Soros among others and the state of objective of Soros and others was to:


Saul Alinsky – Wikicommons

Bring it down. Destroy it. Rewrite its history. Do away with its Constitution and its rule of law. Get rid of the moral standards of the country today and especially the Judeo–Christian heritage and morality of the past. Do away with it completely! Beneath the violence, disrupt, and the lack of accountability today is this Alinsky model, the destruction of America, the destruction of everything which America holds dear. WOKE better serve to wake up America, defend itself, its values, morality and principles or all will be lost. WAKE UP AMERICANS, WAKE UP. The time may be near when the blood of real patriots will be required once again in America.

We the People assume that we live in a democracy. We live by democratic principles, the core of which is freedom. That is true but our government is not a (pure) democracy. Our forefathers who forged our Constitution were suspicious of democracy. They feared an intolerant majority. They created checks and balances which would prevent as much as possible the potentially crushing majority rule. They created for us a REPUBLIC.

That of course consisted of a president, senate and house of representatives. It also consisted of an independent federal judiciary with the Supreme Court of essentially nine justices as final arbitrators of the rule of law. Such a republic respected democratic principles but it guarded so very well against abuse.

Those founding fathers gave us the concept of federalism. That is, that each of the individual states of America, then 13 and now 50, would be protected, have rights not specifically granted to the federal government (Constitution Amendment X), and otherwise make certain that its people were protected, and larger states would have no real advantage over smaller ones. It was and continues to be a brilliant system and check and balance.

The founding fathers gave us an electoral college where leaders were not elected by majority vote but by states according to their population.

They gave us the rule of law, they gave us the Declaration of Independence, they gave us the Constitution, incredible documents with incredible freedoms, fully protected.

They gave us all of this as a result of the blood of so many Revolutionary patriots shed in the cause of freedom. How tragic it is that we sit back and take those then given freedoms for granted, watch them whittle away daily, observe the indifference among younger generations and the beginning of the erosion and eventually the elimination of our great Country, its way of life and government. The great destroyers win, Alinsky, Soros, Sanders the socialist. They refuse, those anarchists and anti–Americans to work within the system for reform. They work for radical change and ultimate destruction. And, We the People sit back and watch it happen and in so many ways do nothing. Violence is everywhere. There are threats, intimidation, radicalism everywhere. A senator threatens a supreme court justice. Senator Schumer from New York threatened Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as follows:

You will pay the price.

It is simply unbelievable how seemingly everything America stands for, believes in, the fundamental structure of our great Country is not only under attack but is being destroyed day by day. History shows us that democracies as the foundation of government cannot last. Democracies in history last at or about 200 years. America is now 246 years young and We the People, our democracy, our great constitutional republic may be near the end. How I for one hope and pray that simply does not happen.

The Constitution and its Amendments of the United States is the finest document, political governing document which mankind can produce. But it cannot last forever.

Only one document can. And that is THE WORD OF THE LORD, the Holy Bible which gives us the world’s only reliable ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The Constitution gives us the freedoms of mankind. The Bible gives us heavenly freedoms, eternal freedoms, the ways of the Lord God Almighty, the most important freedom of all and the most important freedom of all, salvation in Jesus Christ. Man’s democracy cannot last, but the democracy of peace and love of Jesus Christ will last forever.

Human leaders, people, men and women, politicians and those in power can never last. The only person, leader, visionary, difference maker who can is Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of Glory. That eternal leader will never fail.

So, now in America violence reigns. Everything is under attack. The spiritual warfare has begun.


So, my fellow Americans, my fellow Christians, how will you fight this fight of faith?

HOW? Put on for sure the armor of the Lord. And the helmet of salvation. And the breastplate of righteousness and be ready for the spiritual war. It is here, IT IS HERE.

Ephesians 6:10-17, the full armor of God, courtesy

You will be called upon to defend your faith with everything you have. If you truly believe as a Christian and you will not compromise, you will take on a danger you never have before.

How will you respond? Will you stand up to violence? Would you use any means at your disposal to protect your family, your friends and yourself from violence? You will engage in prayer, more prayer perhaps than ever before. But you will be called upon to ACT, and perhaps act returning violence for violence. Would you do that? We the People, we Christians have choices to make we never have before. In prayer, may our Lord lead us to the right decisions for God, and Country, and family, and all humankind.

Freedom, inalienable rights, God–given rights, are of the most value, the most important to all. Don’t lose them or lose life in the process. May God bless you, my fellow Americans as you energize the courage to stand for Christ, for Christianity and for the greatest Country in the history of mankind.

Always remember:

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