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Knowing the Word – Connie Pack

Knowing The Word was born out of over four decades of Connie’s full-time ministry. Its primary focus is making Christ known through the systematic study of His Word.

You can expect revelation and transformation that only comes from knowing Christ.

Connie has a rich heritage in the faith, coming from a long line of ministers. She, however, will be the first to tell you that heritage alone is not enough! Knowing Jesus and serving Him with a passion must be a personal choice.

Since 1980, Connie founded two Bible Institutes and led hundreds of students on short-term mission outreaches to more than 35 nations, with the faithful help of her husband, Jerry. She also led many teaching tours of the Holy Land to give students-of-the-Word an opportunity to experience the land and culture of Jesus Christ. Her passion to teach the Word and encourage believers remains strong.

Connie and Jerry have one married daughter and son-in-law, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She has served her denomination and the local church in full-time ministry for more than 40 years in one congregation. While serving on the pastoral staff she concentrated on teaching the Word, training pastors and missionaries in the Bible Institute, and devoting herself to pastoral care. This present season of ministry is focused on the open doors of opportunity to make Christ known to the world by radio, knowing that Jesus is coming soon!