The Stand: The Methodists

July 8, 2024 THE STAND Subject: THE METHODISTS THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH I had three uncles who were Methodist ministers. They so very faithfully served parishes in the state of New Jersey. They were men who were strong Christians, biblical Christians, born-again Christians, and they were proud to be Methodists…


July 1, 2024 THE STAND Subject: FREEDOM FREEDOM! We are, America is, the home, the land of the: BRAVE AND THE FREE. We are lovers of freedom. It is, you could say, in our genes. We inherited that love of freedom from those who founded our great country, fought against…

America, the Once Free & Once Brave

June 24, 2024 THE STAND Subject: AMERICA, THE ONCE BRAVE AND THE ONCE FREE In Revolutionary times, Thomas Paine said the following: “These are the times that try men’s souls”. And indeed these are the times that try women’s souls, some at least now that the United States Supreme Court…

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