THE STAND – The Cross

Subject: THE CROSS That, says the scriptures, THE CROSS is an: OFFENSE. The meaning, the thought, the application of the cross is indeed an offense to theNATURAL MAN. That is, the man or woman who has no belief in Christianity. This natural person, man or woman, is offended by the…

THE STAND – Jesus & Hollywood

March 11, 2024 THE STAND Subject: JESUS & HOLLYWOOD Hollywood is increasingly finding Jesus – and the results could be profound. Those are the words of Billy Hallowell, writer for the interesting publication THE WASHINGTON TIMES. Finding Jesus in the world of Hollywood can always be suspect for such a…

THE STAND – Study Thinking

Subject: STUDY THINKING Study to show yourself approved unto God. Workmen and workwomen who know what they’re talking about, know what and in whom they have believed, and consequently are not ashamed because they really know how to understand, digest, and explain the precious INSPIRED WORD OF GOD: OUR BIBLE!…

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