The Stand – The Real Man

THE STAND Subject: THE REAL MAN It is becoming difficult to know what a man is, that is the definition of a real man in this woke society of ours. The definition of a man seems to change. Once a man, by both biblical and secularsocietal definitions was clear, in…

The Stand: Father

Subject: FATHER Two kinds of fathers are there. The one Heavenly, the other earthly. The Lord of Glory, the Carpenter of Nazareth said: “I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.” What a claim. Blasphemy by a human being if it were not true. But they were ONE, and the carpenter from…

The Stand – Student Terrorists

June 3, 2024 THE STAND Subject: STUDENT TERRORISTS Education in America is in one sad state. Even in some cases, Christian education succumbs to secular pressure, woke-radical influence, even anti-American and antiChristian influence but, thankfully for the most part, remains a sane and sensible option, certainly for Christians but for…

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